Browsing the web I found this fascinating filter in a lot of colors!!  It is a bottle that filters the water so you don’t have to buy water bottles, and you can find the filters in one single color or multi-color, there are available from 13oz to 34oz and one filter is good for over 300 refills,  to get more details visit

Pictures by and


These Tree  lamps were built completely from wood!  Designed by Mooi works, you can see their other collections here.

Packaging is a very important part of design, it sells, but what about when is part of the design? I found this really amazing!

This is a sticky lamp wich it packaging is part of it, so you have N possibilities, it was designed by Chris Kabel 


I found this one very fascinating, all I can imagine is a large wall with a lot of this shelves joined together!

This was a project made on 2002 by Bouroullec, and  they join together with white snap-on clips!


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