Where? Brusselas, Belgium
Arquitecture by Olivier Hannaert
Interior design by Michel Penneman
Price per night: 69 euros to 199 euros.

In this hotel you can decide the color of your day, you can decide according to your mood. The pantone hotel is an experience that you can’t miss if you are near of Belgium;

Every photography placed in all the guest rooms were taken by  the Belgian photographer Victor Levy, who has captured the escence of Brussels in each one of them

Pictures by www.pantonehotel.com



Designers of all nationalities between the ages of 18 and 40 who study or work in the field of design, either individually or collectively

There are 3 main categories: design, show and dream, each focused in different aspects of design shopping mall.
–  Design: Spaces, objects, graphics and  signage of a new shopping mall concept
–  Show: Features and installations to create a distinctive visual experience
– Dream: Open to new ideas.

A total of 20 finalists will be chosen from all submitted entries and exhibited during a period of more than two weeks in Glòries and another venue, which is still to be determined. The jury will then choose three winners among them.

1st prize winner:   €5,000 + Jeremy Scott for Swatch limited edition special pack
2nd prize winner:  €3,000 + Markus Linnenbrink for Swatch limited edition special pack
3rd prize winner:  €2,000 + Terje Haakonsen for Swatch limited edition special pack
The 20 finalists will receive  20 packaging of Cubitera Oh! Of Miniblack by Freixene  and  the event sponsors (Freixenet, Swatch) will give a present to all of them.

Opening date for entries: March 15, 2011
Closing date for entries: July 31, 2011
Announcement of finalists: September 12, 2011
Submission of exhibition materials in early October 2011
Awards ceremony at the end of October 2011

Through bartcelona.org website.
Participants must fill in an application form with their personal information and specify the category in which they want to compete. Only one proposal will be accepted for each category (individually or collectively).
Submitted materials must be originals and cannot have been published anywhere prior to the announcement of the contest results.
Any action taken by a participant violating these conditions will result in immediate disqualification.

Information and images taken from www.bartcelona.org 

Maybe a lot of you had already seen this amazing chair,  maybe not.. but for me IT’S JUST SPEECHLESS, I love the design, the versatility, the size, the material, I can’t wait to have mine!

The flux chair was created for two young designers: Douwe Jacobs + Tom Schouten, they developed this design during their 2008 graduation project for the Industrial Design Engineering Masters at the Technical University of Delft.  Upon graduation they started a company named flux.  They won every design fair and contest they entered they also recieved the  highly acclaimed New Venture Award and the Philips Innovation Award, amazing isn´t? You can get your own flux chair here. 

Information and photos  from Yliving and flux chairs

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